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Enjoy the vacations you have always dreamed of, with your companion, your friends and your family in the beauties of the Aegean and Ionian seas. A total chartering affords you the opportunity of renting a sailing boat choosing each time your very special destination. Together we organize your trip and we transport you with safety and responsibility on the most affordable prices.

Alma Libre

Period Α: 15/7-31/8

Period Β: 1/5-15/7 & 1/9-30/9

Period C: 1/11-31/12 -10%

Period D: 1/1-30/4 -20%

* During periods A (15/7- 31/8) and B (1/5- 15/7 & 1/9- 30/9) we are in the port of Adamantas in Milos.

* During periods C (1/11- 31/12) and D (1/1- 30/4 ) we are on the marina of Alimos in  Kalamaki

* On the charter trips skipper is included without any extra charge