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Milos island

Milos is one of the most beautiful and full of sightseeing places in the complex of Cyclades. The island is famous for the innumerable and picturesque beaches, the natural beauties and the rich folklore history. Milos is an island made of volcanic activity and well-known for the mineral wealth which has been mines since the ancient times.

Apart from the magnificent beaches ( more than 75) , you can also visit:

      • The archeological museum in Plaka, where you can find the story of Milos and an exact reproduction of the well-known statue Venus of Milos.  Tel.: 22870 21620
      • The folklore museum located in Plaka, which hospitalizes exhibitions on the palaces of older times and  exhibits of local homesteads.  Tel.: 22870 28121
      • The mining museum of Milos, in which there are exhibitions about the whole story of mines in the island, beginning from the antiquity. In there you can also find samples of every single mine founded on the melian soil. Tel. : 22870 22481
      • The catacombs of Milos, a unique monument of the Christianity with a great historical significance.
      • The ancient theater of Milos, located between Klima and Tripiti.
      • And the castle of Milos situated in the top of a hill in Plaka.













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