Adamas, 84 800, Milos, Greece. Office: T. (+30) 22870 24083 - Mario: (+30) 6977 432170 - Mike: (+30) 6944 546692.


Rent a car / moto

Horizon Yachts specializes in boat excursions, the perfect way to discover the island's hidden treasures, that are accessible only by boat. When in Milos, for your transportation needs we suggest you rent a car, a bike (scooter), or a quad (4-wheeled scooter) or let us arrange a private transport for you and your friends (guaranteed by Horizon Yachts - Travel Agency and a network of experienced associated companies). Contact us for more information at or by phone: Michalis (+30) 6944 546692 / Marios (+30) 6977 432170.